David Jamin is an artist celebrated for his unique vision and ability to evoke deep emotions through his paintings. He was born in 1970 in the picturesque town of Nimes, in Southern France, where he displayed a keen interest in the visual arts from a young age. Recognizing this, his parents encouraged him to pursue his passion. Jamin’s early exposure to the rich cultural heritage of France played a significant role in shaping his artistic sensibilities.

 Jamin’s inspiration is drawn from many sources, but he is especially inspired by the things that evoke joy and wonder. Many of his studies focus on light-hearted themes such as warm sand and sunshine, animals, and children playing outdoors. Jamin has a deep and personal approach to painting, and this has resulted in a uniquely distinctive style that often blurs the lines between abstraction and realism. His works pull viewers into a dreamlike world where emotions and memories intertwine.

 One of the most striking features of Jamin’s paintings is his masterful use of color. He employs a vibrant and harmonious palette that adds depth and intensity to his compositions. His ability to convey emotion through color is truly remarkable, and he can elicit a wide range of feelings from viewers, from nostalgia to elation.

 Jamin’s subjects vary widely, from serene landscapes and still-life compositions to poignant portraits and abstract expressions of human emotion. But regardless of the subject, his work is characterized by a sense of introspection and an exploration of the human psyche. His paintings encourage viewers to contemplate their own emotions and experiences, creating a profound connection between the artwork and the observer.

 Most prominent in many of his artworks is an intense jubilation in being alive. This joy comes through in many of the themes he undertakes, from his signature “Introportraits,” to his “Dandy” series, to his depictions of birds and animals, and especially to his treatment of children. One theme he revisits occasionally is that of Mother and Child, where in which he rejoices at the “triumph of life” and invites all audiences to share in the celebration of birth.





Recent Exhibitions


2023 – The Hyundai Center, Seoul, South Korea

2022 – Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

2021 – Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

2020 – Gallerie Bost, Valence, France

2019 – Gallerie Graal, Agen, France

2019 – Gallerie E. Chapelain, Saint Jean-de-Luz, France

2016 – Gallerie Winston, Dinard, France