• Cheong Hyeong Yeol

    Mountain Series

    “My own artistic work draws inspiration from the impressions left by nature. Sometimes, even in the seemingly mundane, I find a quiet yet profound message from nature. It's in these simple and unassuming landscapes that I often feel the most moved. My artistic compositions emphasize simplicity and the expression of "empty space," not as a deliberate choice, but as a reflection of my artistic intent. I derive a sense of joy from remaining true to my subject matter, expressing gratitude to nature, and occasionally reaffirming my inner self as it is revealed in my work.”         – Cheong Hyeong-Yeol

  • David Jamin, A Dandy from the Provence

    David Jamin

    A Dandy from the Provence 4 February - 27 April 2023
    Ths Special Exhibition of David Jamin: A Dandy from the Provence will be held at The Hyundai Seoul ALT.1 gallery from February4th to April 27th, 2023. hosted by the Korea...