Hyeong Yeol Cheong

 Cheong Hyeong-Yeol's art perfectly embodies the cultural richness of South Korea. Growing up, he was immersed in the traditions, folklore, and the natural beauty of his homeland. His early years were marked by a deep connection with the legacy of Korean art, including its profound tradition of ink painting and calligraphy. His artistic foundation shows the deeply philosophical influences of a culture that emphasizes harmony with nature and self-cultivation.

 One of Cheong Hyeong-Yeol's defining characteristics as an artist is his remarkable ability to merge tradition with innovation. His work beautifully encapsulates the spirit of Korea’s artistic heritage, especially in the realm of ink painting, while at the same time infusing it with a fresh and modern perspective. At the heart of his art is the captivating dance of ink on paper. His brushwork, both bold and delicate, weaves intricate patterns and expressive strokes that draw the viewer into the very essence of the subject. His compositions often feature harmonious juxtapositions of light and dark, inviting the observer to contemplate the interplay between positive and negative space.

 Cheong’s themes are deeply rooted in nature. He immerses himself in the landscapers of his home country, basking in its richness. He then further explores the impressions as he begins relating his experiences ink onto paper, telling the tale of his homeland. His compositions feature intricate patterns, delicate textures, and precise lines, inviting viewers to explore the layers of symbolism and storytelling within each piece.

“My own artistic work draws inspiration from the impressions left by nature. Sometimes, even in the seemingly mundane, I find a quiet yet profound message from nature. It's in these simple and unassuming landscapes that I often feel the most moved. My artistic compositions emphasize simplicity and the expression of "empty space," not as a deliberate choice, but as a reflection of my artistic intent. I derive a sense of joy from remaining true to my subject matter, expressing gratitude to nature, and occasionally reaffirming my inner self as it is revealed in my work.” – Cheong Hyeong-Yeol

 As an artist, Cheong is not only preserving Korean cultural heritage but also contributing to its evolution. His work serves as a bridge between the past and the future, connecting generations and fostering an appreciation for the artistic traditions of Korea.





Cheong Hyeong-Yeol Exhibitions


2024 – Art space_Gam, Seoul, South Korea

2023 – Avari et serri Gallery, Jecheon, South Korea

2023 – Jecheon Cultural Foundation, Gallery Chang, Jecheon, South Korea

2023 – Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea

2021 – Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

2021 – New York Affordable Art Fair

2017 – 31 Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2016 – Gallery 89, Seoul, South Korea

2009 – Gallery Seohoart, Seoul, South Korea

2009 – Dywelfare Center, Siheung, South Korea

1998 – Gallery Gongpyeong Art, Seoul, South Korea

1995 – Gallery Myarts, Seoul, South Korea

1993 – Aryum Fine Art, California, USA