Affordable Art Fair NYC: Fall 2023

20 - 24 September 2023
At the Affordable Art Fair Fall 2023, which marked our second participation in a span of two years, there was a noticeable upgrade in every aspect – from the space allocated to the artists involved, to the size of the artworks. This time around, the fair showcased a plethora of new artworks that garnered significant popularity. Among them, the piece titled 'Mountain' by artist Cheong Hyeong yeol stood out for its intricate depiction and magnificent portrayal of mountain ridges seen from Korean peaks. Equally impressive were the works by 'The Fool' artist, who employed a unique technique to paint on canvas. Additionally, the nature-themed artworks by David Jamin and the witty expressions of Hyesu Lee, reminiscent of cartoons, also attracted considerable attention. Presenting the creations of emerging artists amidst the hustle and bustle of Manhattan was truly a fantastic experience, one that we can only describe as remarkable.