David Jamin: A Dandy from the Provence

4 February - 27 April 2023

Ths Special Exhibition of David Jamin: A Dandy from the Provence will be held at The Hyundai Seoul ALT.1  gallery from February4th to April 27th, 2023. hosted by the Korea Economic Daily with ViaCanvas, the exhibition includes works the arist has created over the past 26 years that have captured the unique beauty of people through dynamic images in his unique style.


David Jamin is a modern French painter based in Uzès, a small town near Provence, and he has exhibited oil and acrylic paintings that melt human movement and explore inner worlds through sensuous colors and forms.

This exhibition, the largest of Jamin's career, will present 150 original paintings, including about 20 pieces from the series Introportrait, about 20 pieces from the series Dandy, and about 30 pieces that pay homage to 19th-century painters such as Monet and Van Gogh. The exhibition unveils the series The Stars of Korea, which the artist has planned for exclusive exhibition in Seoul. The Stars of Korea is Jamin's latest work dedicated to Son Heung-min, Kim Yuna, Kim Yeon-koung, Park Chan-wook, and Youn Yuh-jung.

Jamin's emphasis on fashion and introspection and the dynamic emotional energy of the work will engage audiences and provide space for them to consider their own inner worlds.